Crypto Academy Coin

CAC Airdrop is finished. Thank you for participating!
General Information

Smart Crypto Academy is a Cryptocurrency Trading Educational Institution from beginner level to Expert / MASTER level. A Legal Entity Foundation engaged in the field of education and social with the name SOCIAL CRYPTO ACADEMY Foundation.
About Smart Crypto Academy and CAC token

Learn more about Smart Crypto Academy, watch the video of the project to answer the most popular questions about CAC.

Participation Terms and Conditions

1. Start CAC telegram airdrop bot and follow the instructions listed there (also described below)
2. Submit your LATOKEN account email to the Telegram bot.*
3. Invite your friends with the unique referral link to get 1 CAC for each.**
4. Look through the promo materials about the project and answer the control questions to get up to 5 CAC.**
5. Follow CAC Facebook.
6. Join Project's Telegram group and get 2 CAC
7. Buy 5 CAC in IEO on LATOKEN and get +5 CAC as a reward for your purchase.***

*Please use your current LATOKEN account. The reward will be credited to this account. In order to receive your rewards, you are required to conduct trading and buy 300 or more CAC at LATOKEN. If you do not have an account on LATOKEN yet, please provide an email address in airdrop bot to generate account. Don't forget to verify your new account. To verify a new account please check your email inbox and follow the instructions.

About CAC Token

Complete KYC process and purchase CRP tokens on the LATOKEN exchange

Please note: More tasks and rewards can be offered on the later stages.

- Only 100 000 CAC will be distributed during this airdrop. The sooner you complete all the tasks the more chances you'll get a reward.
- Tokens will be sent to the participants in two waves:
On the 5th of October tokens will be distributed to the users who invited friends to join airdrop.
On the 20th of October tokens will be sent to the rest of qualified participants.
- The distribution will be based on whether you satisfy the eligibility criteria on the day of the airdrop end. The snapshot will be taken on the 27th of September at TIME pm (UTC+3).
- Non-US citizens only.
- Each user can participate only once.
- Tokens will be sent to your LATOKEN wallet.

Smart Crypto Academy CAC Airdrop ends on the 27th of September!
Token distribution starts from October, 5th