CRDT Airdrop

Airdrop is finished. Thanks everyone for participating!
CRDT airdrop distribution is scheduled for July 17th
General Information

CryptoDaily™ is an award-winning, successful media outlet that reports on and chronicles the blockchain economy and cryptocurrency markets. Founded in 2017 and headquartered in Singapore, CryptoDaily™ provides value-added, 24-hour news coverage of the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry, principally through our website at and our social media channels.

CryptoDaily™ are proud to launch their own cryptographic token. The CRDT™ project!
We're undertaking an IEO so that we can expand the current range of services we offer and to proliferate our vision and mission to empower the daily use of blockchain and cryptocurrency! The IEO allows us to embed blockchain technology into our media offering. We are also creating an advanced content reward application to reward contributors with CRDT™ Token and then enable our community at large to pay with the CRDT™ Token at merchants through a proprietary wallet and accompanying payments card.

We are also expanding our reach by localising our content not only through translations into multiple top languages, but also covering relevant local blockchain and cryptocurrency news in different countries, all of which will be rewarded with CRDT™ Token.

The IEO also allows us to expand our services to supply and serve the community with reliable market data, proprietary indices and novel charting services through the creation of subscription services with benefits to the token holders.

We are enhancing our advertising proposition to include advanced IoT powered augmented reality advertising through the CryptoDaily™ app.

These propositions are creating a strong and diverse utility for the CRDT™ Token and adding these propositions will offer a strategic advantage that promotes the daily use of cryptocurrency and blockchain. As such, the utility within the CryptoDaily™ ecosystem has been designed to be balanced and advantageous for participants, contributors, subscribers, readers and advertisers.

We are proud to announce that CryptoDaily provides it's Cryptocurrency exchange services through it's Estonia Entity 'CryptoDaily OU' CryptoDaily is licensed by the Estonian FIU under license number FVR001090
About CRDT

Learn more about CRDT and watch the PROMO video

Participation Terms and Conditions

1. Start CRDT telegram airdrop bot and follow the instructions listed there (also described below)
2. Submit your LATOKEN account email to the Telegram bot.*
3. Invite your friends with the unique referral link to get 10 CRDT for each.**
4. Look through the promo materials about the project and answer the control questions to get up to 12 CRDT.***
5. Follow Crypto Daily Official Twitter account and Crypto Daily Official Telegram channel to get more CRDT.
6. Buy 10 000+ CRDT on LATOKEN and get +1 000 CRDT as a reward to your purchase.

*Please use your current LATOKEN account. The reward will be credited to this account. If you do not have an account on LATOKEN yet, please register. In order to receive your rewards, you are required to pass KYC Tier 2 or higher at LATOKEN by the end of airdrop.
**Rewards will be awarded only for those invited friends, who will pass their KYC Tier 2 or higher at LATOKEN. Please do not create multiple accounts.
***You will have only 2 attempts to give a correct answer for each question.

Please note: additional tasks and rewards may be offered upon completion of CRDT IEO at LATOKEN.
CRDT Airdrop ended on June 30!
Token distribution is scheduled for July 17th
Important: The distribution will be based on whether you satisfy the eligibility criteria on the day of the airdrop end. The snapshot will be taken on this day at 03:00 pm (UTC+3). Tokens will be sent to the participants within 30 days after the end of the airdrop. Non-US citizens only. Each user can participate only once. Maximum airdrop amount is 50 CRDT per user. Tokens will be sent to your LATOKEN wallet.