Monarch Buy&Hold Competition:
Chance to get extra MT tokens!
General Information

Dear users,

We are pleased to announce our collaboration with Monarch Blockchain Corporation. In order to celebrate Monarch Blockchain Corporation IEO launch at LATOKEN, we offer A MASSIVE Limited-Time 60% DISCOUNT and we prepared this BUY&HOLD Competition to give away an extra MT tokens to our community worldwide.

During the campaign period, the eligible participants will have a chance to earn additional MT tokens in accordance with the following rules:

Campaign period: 07.06.2019 (12:00 UTC) - 30.07.2019 (12:00 UTC)

BUY&HOLD Competition rules:

Part 1: Buy any amount of MT tokens, hold them during 30 days since the end of the IEO and get extra MT tokens!

  1. Participants who bought from 1 to 1000 MT tokens will get an extra 5% of tokens purchased added to their account!

  2. Participants who bought from 1001 to 10000 MT tokens will get an extra 7.5% of tokens purchased added to their account!

  3. Participants who bought from 10001 to 100001 MT tokens will get an extra 10% of tokens purchased added to their account!

Part 2:
Participants who bought at least 1000 MT tokens can get an extra 250 tokens for free by simply watching 5 Monarch videos and answering the 5 questions in the form below:
Please watch the video 1-5 below and fill out this FORM
Terms and eligibility criteria:

  • LATOKEN reserves the right to cancel or amend the Promotion or Promotion Rules at our sole discretion.
  • LATOKEN reserves the right to disqualify any participants which display attributes of market manipulation.
  • In order to participate in the campaign you need to have bought at least 1 MT for Part 1 and at least 1000 MT for Part 2.
  • To qualify for 250 extra MT tokens, a minimum of 1000 MT (Buy&Hold) tokens are required, as well as the right answers to the questions in questionnaire above.
  • Only the amount of MT tokens bought on LATOKEN during the IEO campaign period is eligible.
  • The bonuses and prizes are calculated based on the amount of MT bought and held for 30 days minimum after the end of IEO.
  • Be registered at LATOKEN and obtain Tier 2.
Step-by-Step Guide: Obtain Tier 2 Verification on LATOKEN
Important: The LATOKEN Team will strictly investigate any cheating method, like withdraw, transact within same account, etc. Once discovered, the platform will not award activities. The final interpretation right of the event is owned by LATOKEN. The distribution will be based on your eligibility on the day of campaign end. The snapshot will be taken on this day at 03:00 pm (UTC+3). Prizes will be awarded to the participants within 30 days after the end of the camapaign. Non-US and non-Chinese citizens only. Only Tier 2 users can participate in the campaign. Dollar equivalent is calculated based on approximate current value and may be different after the listing. Tokens will be sent to your LATOKEN MT wallet.