HUSL Trading Competition

Trade HUSL and Earn a Share of 3,500,000 HUSL Tokens!

Trading Competition will start soon!

Start: 12th October 2020 12:00 noon UTC
End: 26th October 2020 12:00 noon UTC
Participation Terms and Conditions
Users who satisfy the conditions of participation will be rewarded with a share
Total prize pool of 3,500,000 HUSL
Daily prize pool is 350,000 HUSL

TC Rules and Rewards

  • Each day at 12:00 noon UTC we will select winners and fix their reward* for the last day.
  • To be qualified as a daily winner you:
    - must have passed KYC Tier 2
    - buy at least 15,000 HUSL during last 24h
    - be a Non-US Citizen
    - pay LATOKEN trading fees
  • Each daily winner will be rewarded with a share of prize pool 350,000 HUSL proportional to the sum of trading volume of HUSL:
    *Your Daily Reward = 350,000 HUSL x (your trading volume / total trading volume)

Important: In order to receive your reward, you are required to pass KYC Tier 2 or higher on LATOKEN.

- You can find your username on your LATOKEN user Profile page. Please look it up and search in the table below for your position.
- We use usernames to protect your privacy and not to disclose your names or emails.
- Traders chart will be updated everyday at 12:00 noon UTC.

Traders Chart

Project Overview

HUSL App is a blockchain-powered platform that aims to promote health and fitness by providing solutions to industry challenges. The Hustle project identifies the root problems hindering the advancement of fitness and health-related activities in individuals and responses by integrating consumer-centric solutions in its mobile application, 'The Hustle App'. Whatever your excuse is for not making the tiny fraction of fitness savvy individuals, Hustle is here to welcome you to the fold! Motivation to workout is an important factor that many people lack. To awaken the zeal, connecting with like minds is necessary. HUSL App connects people sharing the common goal of fitness and health together. Moreover, users can take advantage of this by drawing motivation and tips from other users on the platform. Also, they can set group challenges for themselves and occasionally review progress.

HUSL trading competition ends on 26th Oct'20 12:00 noon UTC!