L2L Airdrop Competition

Complete mandatory tasks and buy 1500 L2L to be eligible for reward!
Total Prize Pool of 50 Million L2L ~ $85,000
Participation Terms and Conditions

1. Start L2L telegram airdrop bot
2. Submit your LATOKEN account email to the Telegram bot*
3. Apply for KYC Tier 2 before airdrop ends, i.e. before November 8th (00:00 UTC)**
4. Register at 2local project website***
5. Complete KYC Tier 2 at LATOKEN***
6. Buy at least 1500 L2L on IEO during the Airdrop***
7. The 2local referral program at LATOKEN will be applied on the rewards given. So get 10% bonus tokens of the rewards your referral gets.

The Prize pool of 26 million L2L tokens ~ $45,000 will be given to the highest buyers of 2local tokens.
1st highest buyer: 15 million L2L tokens ~ $25,000
2nd highest buyer: 7 million L2L tokens ~ $12,000
3rd highest buyer: 4 million L2L tokens ~ $7,000

*Please use your current LATOKEN account. The reward will be credited to this account. In order to receive your rewards, you are required to pass KYC Tier 2 or higher at LATOKEN. If you do not have an account on LATOKEN yet, please provide an email address in airdrop bot to generate account. Don't forget to verify your new account. To verify a new account please check your email inbox and follow the instructions.

**Rewards will not be distributed if the KYC conditions are not met.

***When you have completed these mandatory tasks you will automatically join the Airdrop Competition. All eligible participants will get a share of 24 million L2L tokens ~ $40,000.

- Airdrop rewards are limited. The sooner you complete the tasks the more chances you'll get a reward. L2L airdrop ends on 8th of November.
- Tokens distributed will start on 13th of November.
- The distribution will be based on whether you satisfy the eligibility criteria on the day of the airdrop end. The snapshot will be taken on 8th of November 03:00 pm (UTC+3).
- Non-US citizens only.
- Each user can participate only once.
- Tokens will be sent to your LATOKEN wallet.
About L2L Token

Complete KYC process and purchase L2L IEO on the LATOKEN

Learn more about 2local below

2local L2L Information
2local platform is an innovative blockchain powered loyalty platform that is tapping into banking to support sustainability and prosperity. It offers a smart marketplace to connect consumers and companies that produce local and sustainable goods and services. Their unique cashback system, decentralized multi-currency digital wallets and the L2L coins are designed to rise in value and therefore create prosperity for their members. 2local is happy to contribute to the growth of a better world, with the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN as its guideline. They strive for thriving communities, a societal growth to include everyone, a sustainable world without malfunctioning of the monetary and economic system and prosperity for everyone worldwide. Our three pillars Financial crisis, poverty and hunger, inequality, climate change, pressure on our ecosystems, decrease of biodiversity.
We are facing a man-made crises that threaten our lives on this planet. To help overcome these serious problems 2local combines three essential pillars:
•focus on local communities
•a cashback system for local and sustainable products
•blockchain technology to make everything happen
Focus on local communities: Local and regional systems are best suited for achieving local sustainability. They help us reconsider our social and ecological values, develop relationships that reward quality and fairness and consider sovereignty and safety.
L2L airdrop ends on November 8th!
Token distribution starts from 13th November