How it works?

Vote for the token
Select next candidate
Wait for the voting results

You can support one of three tokens each Listing Competition by voting to get it listed on LATOKEN

After you vote, select your favorite token for the next Listing Competition.
After the running competition ends, the winning token will be announced and listed on LATOKEN.

Select next candidates

Vote for the next token to participate in our Listing Competition

Voting Rules

1. You should be registered on LATOKEN.

2. Each user can vote for one running token per Competition and select one candidate for the next Listing Competition.

3. Token with the highest number of votes will be listed. The other 2 tokens can participate in the Listing Competition again in the future.

4. LATOKEN will cancel the votes of an account, if any cheating is detected and confirmed. The account will no longer be qualified for the Listing Competition.

5. LATOKEN reserves all the rights to change the rules of this event without notification, including revoking the results suspected for vote manipulation.


You can suggest a project to become a candidate and participate in our Listing Competition
Want your token to get listed on LATOKEN?
Please fill in the application form and we will contact you immediately. You also have a chance to participate in our Lisitng Competition.
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