LSC Airdrop

LSC Airdrop has finished!
Reward distribution will start from 15th of January 2021. Thank you for participating!
Participation Terms and Conditions

1. Start LSC Telegram airdrop bot and follow the instructions listed there (also described below).*
2. Have an account/register on LATOKEN and pass KYC Tier 2 verification.**
3. Join LigerStar official group on Telegram.***
4. Follow LigerStar Twitter account.***
5. Like LigerStar Facebook page.***
6. Follow LigerStar on Instagram.***
7. Refer this airdrop to your friends and get your rewards.****

*Please use your current LATOKEN account. The reward will be credited to this account. In order to receive your rewards, you are required to pass KYC Tier 2 or higher at LATOKEN. If you do not have an account on LATOKEN yet, please provide an email address in the airdrop bot to generate your account. Don't forget to verify your new account. To verify a new account please check your email inbox and follow the instructions.

**Rewards will not be distributed if the KYC conditions are not met.

***Participants must remain subscribed to social media channels until the end of the airdrop to be eligible for social task rewards. A total reward of 200 LSC tokens will be given to eligible participants.

****Referrals are only counted when a user is unique to the airdrop. For example, if your referral has participated in an airdrop with LATOKEN previously, that user will not be eligible for you to receive referral rewards. Referrals must complete airdrop tasks and get KYC tier-2 or higher verified on LATOKEN. The reward is 300 LSC tokens per unique referral.

Airdrop rewards are limited. The faster you complete the tasks the higher the chances you'll receive a reward. LSC airdrop ends on 5th December 2020 at 15:00 (UTC+3).
- Tokens will be distributed on the 15th of January 2021 and takes up to two weeks.
- The distribution will be based on whether you satisfy the eligibility criteria on the day of the airdrop ends. The snapshot will be taken on the 5th of December at 15:00 (UTC+3).
- For non-US citizens only.
- Each user can participate only once.
- Tokens will be sent to your LATOKEN wallet.
LigerStar - LSC Information
DApps that will run on the LigerStar platform can be viewed as a group of services. One DApp can be said to be similar to the appearance of one portal service in general Internet service. "BP" is selected based on "the characteristics of a symmetrical structure" according to the Group Theory, and the participating representative nodes nurture the DApp ecosystem, and the LigerStar platform can show a safer and faster speed. The symmetric structure referred to here finds similarity through "structuring" by comparing the number of transactions, node distribution, and time complexity that occur within the structure of each similar DApp service. These similarities can be grouped into one large group, and the limitations of existing blockchains can be overcome by optimizing similar structures within the group. We call this SG-BP (Symmetric Group-Blockchain Producer). One DApp service group has a primary node that participates as a BP (block generation node, block producer node) on the LigerStar platform, and is connected to this representative node to form its own DApp service ecosystem. This DApp service ecosystem has similarities to the side chain, but it does not have its own DApp coin, and it connects and fuses many Off-Chain services and DBs to implement the functions necessary for the DApp. Coins necessary for the token economy, such as rewards, are allocated and used by LigerStars from the LigerStar Foundation..
LigerStar LSC airdrop ends on 5th Dec!
Token distribution starts from the 15th of January 2021.