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A word from our CEO
LATOKEN is a Top 20 security and utility tokens exchange leading the development of tokenization. By closing deals on the blockchain, we slash the costs of trading and initial offerings, and make trading accessible 24/7 T+0 across the globe. Our ultimate goal is to expand the liquid assets market from its current level of $100 tln to $300 tln, and increase the number of traders and financial market participants by 1 billion. As a result of improved price discovery, optimized resource allocation, and more effective delivery of stimuli, we expect faster economic growth."
- Valentin Preobrazhenskiy, LATOKEN CEO & Founder
Figures That Matter
There's nothing like numbers to get it right:
$100 million
Average Daily Turnover
Registered Traders
Low Trading Fees
Top 20
by Average Trading Volume
Valentin Preobrazhenskiy
Founder & CEO
Valentin Preobrazhenskiy is the Founder of LATOKEN, a Top 20 digital assets exchange and STO platform. Valentin gathers top notch economists, politicians and entrepreneurs to engineer the distributed financial system as the chairman of the Blockchain Economic Forum (BEF) and Worldmodel.co. He managed Avega Capital hedge fund and was a director at Marcuard Spectrum, and Founder Institute.

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LATOKEN wants to broaden the use of cryptocurrencies in the real economy and allow cryptocurrency holders to diversify their portfolio by getting access to tokens linked to the price of real assets.
The $350-million company, Tiberius Group AG, will list the coin on the Estonia-based LATOKEN exchange, chosen because it fulfills the necessary regulatory standards.
The LATOKEN platform gives asset owners a new way to gain liquidity by making fractional asset ownership possible and tradable with minimal transaction costs.
LATOKEN is a blockchain protocol and platform for creating and trading listed equity asset tokens.
In The News
LATOKEN aims to become a bridge to merge the two worlds of centralized banking and Wall Street trading with the wild west of decentralized cryptocurrency investors for a potential healthy marriage of opposites.
Companies like LATOKEN have developed methods for tokenizing investments, making it possible for large-scale investments to be purchased by smaller scale investors.
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