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LATOKEN - #1 transborder market for money and assets
Start fundraising with our KYC infrastructure. LATOKEN works with Onfido KYC provider (member of NAPBS certified by BSI), that checks every exchange user before he/she receives access to the relevant trading platform's tier. Our KYC is fully compliant.
Tokens instant delivery
Someone who bought your tokens will get them to his wallet almost immediately.
Market leadership
LATOKEN stably takes place among top-30 crypto trading platforms according to daily valuation statistics by coinmarketcap.
Client focused
We provide official listing confirmation and post-listing support.
Trust from the clients
There are already 246 coins and tokens listed on LATOKEN trading platform.
Variety of trading pairs
We offer 4 trading pairs: BTC/USDT/ETH/LA.
Legal infrastructure
LATOKEN offers a sustained legal infrastructure
Licensed broker
Our cryptocurrency trading platform works with a licensed broker partner MasterTrade. This setup allows us to facilitate the trading/listing of security tokens to qualified/accredited investors outside US, China
Only accredited investors
Our KYC allows us to guarantee that investments to your project will be available for accredited investors outside USA and some other jurisdictions.
USA "Reg D" projects are listed
Yes, we can list your token for primary placement or secondary trading (depending on what you mean by listing) on our platform available for investors outside the US subject to the proper paperwork submitted by you.
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