SWAPS Trading Competition

Trade a minimum amount of 1000 SWAPS and the top 10 winners will get a share of 30 000 SWAPS tokens

Start: 6th May 2021 16:00 UTC
End: 27th May 2021 12:00 noon UTC
Reward Distribution: 27th May 2021 16:00 UTC

Participation Terms and Conditions

-Eligibility: Trade a minimum amount of 1000 SWAPS tokens on LATOKEN’s account

-Winners: Top 10 traders with the highest trading volume will get a share of 30 000 SWAPS tokens.

Trading volume = quantity of buys + quantity of sells

Rewards for winners:

1st place: 7000 SWAPS

2nd place: 5000 SWAPS

3rd Place: 3500 SWAPS

4th-7th place: 2500 SWAPS

8th-10th place: 1500 SWAPS

  • The prizes will be distributed at the end of each round.
  • For non-US citizens only.
  • Traders with zero fee account and self trades will be eliminated.
  • The winners will be ranked according to each eligible user's trading volume.
  • In order to receive a reward, a trader is required to pass KYC Tier 2 or higher on LATOKEN.

We use usernames to protect your privacy and do not disclose your names or emails. You can find your username on your LATOKEN user's profile page. Please look it up and search in the table below for your position. These are the real-time results and will be updated every 5 minutes.
Position User Name Trading Volume Rewards

What is SWAPS Coin?

NFTSwaps is a Non-Fungible to Fungible Swap platform. NFTSwaps Platform V1.01, allows users to tokenize their NFT Assets (NFTs - Bep20 tokens) as long as these NFT Assets are listed on NFTSwaps. These tokens (Bep20) are tradeable on PancakeSwap using the NFTSwaps UI.

The history of NFTs has shown that a very small percentage of NFTs stay relevant over time, with most NFTs losing their value after a few months. NFTs quickly become illiquid and therefore holder can't sell.

Using NFTSwaps, anyone can deposit their NFT to the NFTSwaps required pool and obtain BEP20 token derivatives that can be exchanged directly on PancakeSwap and BakerySwap from the NFTSwaps UI.

NFTSwaps is a product of Blockchain4Africa Limited. The company is created to provide e-commerce services, Internet Marketing, ICT, and blockchain-based services. The Blockchain4africa team has been active in multiple projects in the Blockchain industry and have extensive experience with DAPP development. Our team is composed of multiple blockchain experts from all around the world focused and dedicated to bringing you a transparent and provably fair blockchain-based decentralized platform.

SWAPS trading competition will end on the 27th of May 2021 at 12:00 noon UTC.