Vestella Airdrop:
Complete a simple task,
and get 1000 VES (~$8)
General Information

Vestella team is celebrating its token sale with an exclusive airdrop for LATOKEN users. To participate, you should first verify your ID on LATOKEN (Tier 2 Verification), and then use the social widget below to complete a few social tasks. In return, you will get 1000 VES tokens (~$8).

VESTELLA is a mobility data market platform based on blockchain, machine learning, and AI technologies. VESTELLA is pioneering an ecosystem where users around the global upload their driving data, get paid with VES coins and use them at local partners - A wide range of products and services in the mobility ecosystem such as fuel station, car maintenance, auto insurance, car wash, drive-thru cafe, and many others!

This promotional campaign is valid until 10/01/2019. The tokens will be distributed 20 days after this date*. To learn more about Vestella, click here.
Eligible Criteria: follow the instruction

1. Have an account/register at LATOKEN with Tier 2 verification
2. Follow Vestella Telegram and submit your telegram nickname in social widget below
3. Follow Vestella Twitter and submit your twitter nickname in social widget below
4. Make retweet using the social widget (Tweet about Giveaway > Tweet)
6. Submit your details in social widget below; use e-mail linked to your LATOKEN account
7. Follow LATOKEN Twitter and LATOKEN Telegram for more airdrop announcements!

Step-by-Step Guide: Obtain Tier 2 Verification on LATOKEN
Social Widget

Log in with the email linked to your LATOKEN account. Follow the steps!
Important: the distribution will be based on whether you eligibility criteria on the day of airdrop end. The snapshot will be taken on this day at 03:00 pm (UTC+3). Tokens will be sent to the participants within 20 days after the end of the campaign. Non-US and non-Chinese citizens only. Only Tier 2 users can participate in the campaign. Airdrop amount is 1000 VES per user. Dollar equivalent is calculated based on approximate current value and may be different after the listing. Tokens will be sent to your LATOKEN VES wallet.